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Thank you for choosing BundleBees, the ultimate BigCommerce app for creating and managing product bundles. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the installation, configuration, and usage of BundleBees, to empower your store with effective product bundling capabilities.

Table of Contents

1. Installation
2. Creating Bundles
3. Managing Bundles

1. Installation

Installing BundleBees is quick and easy:

1. Log in to your BigCommerce store’s admin panel.
2. Navigate to the Apps section.
3. Search for “BundleBees” in the app store.
4. Click the “Install” button next to BundleBees.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

2. Creating Bundles

BundleBees empowers you to create irresistible product bundles:

1. Launch BundleBees and click “Create”
2. Give your bundle a name and SKU for customer understanding.
3. Choose your bundle type (Basic Kit or Mix Pack)
If Basic Kit, set discount options for your bundle and choose your channel.
If Mix Pack, set your size, price and currency for your bundle and choose your channel
4. Add products by searching your store’s inventory by SKU or Product Name.
5. Click the Create Bundle button.
6. Once the Bundle is created you will be redirected to the Bundle’s Edit Product page where you can add images, assign the bundle to any categories you want, add a description, etc.

3. Managing Bundles

Effortlessly manage your bundles with BundleBees:

1. **Edit Bundle**: Update bundles by selecting them and clicking “Edit.” Modify product names, SKUs, pricing, and more.

2. **Enable/Disable Bundles**: Toggle bundle availability with a click for time-sensitive promotions.

3. **Delete Bundles**: Remove obsolete bundles (this action is irreversible).